Hello my name is Tc or Tanya whatever you prefer.

I entered the profession of hairstyling in my late twenties. I am so glad I did...I have always had a passion for making people feel happy.


I graduated from "Bruno's School of Hair" at the age of 28. There was not many teachers at that time and students were suffering because of it.

I started redesigning hair diagrams to help students understand how to cut styles in a step by step intensive manual - replacing the school's old hair cutting sheets.

I wanted to create masters, not followers of patterns. My diagrams would do just that. I gave them the stepping stones to feel a cut..

That is how I cut hair, through feel.

I worked in a high end salon, Avalon Hair Design for 2 1/2 years to get my license.

From then I opened my own salon, Artizan Hair Design with another stylist and friend, for 6 successful years.

In time, my knowledge of the industry became intolerable with more research and growing concern that I was not fulfilling my deepest passion - animal liberation.

I took some time off to rejuvenate and think about who I represented in this industry.

I realized I was situated in a place to educate, and inform, and to be kind to people that really needed to be uplifted, while supporting the companies that really cared for animals.

Why run from the machine when you can run it?

I began studying every company to find the responsibility for life and respect for our planet that I could accept.

Trust me, there is no perfection.

I understand the limitations in this industry. I understand what it takes to colour hair. There is always a chemical component. How much is the question?

Another important question; how many animals are being tested for raw materials that are provided to large companies? Who in turn are getting approved as "Cruelty Free" because they do not do the testing themselves?

One company only, never has nor will test on animals - no secret facility, or selling out. They are the first - as always to never market their products for money over animals.

This is Paul Mitchell.

Paul Mitchell and John Paul DeJoria, are behind the creation of Paul Mitchell products and I connect with their thoughts, logic and understand their choices in minimal use of chemicals, as it can never be 100% natural - as we know to this day.

I have made additions of other hair lines and products to satisfy a wide range of clients. New companies that have proven themselves as progressive to me.

These companies have restored the fun of vanity.